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Welcome to Winebeing

Winebeing was developed to become a source and an aspiration for the true connoisseurs whose passion lies in the beauty and wonder of tea, chocolate, and wine.

Having travelled to almost 50 countries around the world, Radka Slovackova, the woman behind Winebeing, has visited some of the finest wine regions, tried some of the world’s best teas, and tasted numerous chocolate varieties. Radka was impressed by the rich wine and food cultures that she has seen. This inspired her to share to the world, especially to her fellow connoisseur, all that she knows about wine and food.

Winebeing is the site to visit if you need interesting and valuable information about wines, teas and cooking. We have here some restaurant reviews and a few great articles about where the best wines and teas are. We also have various cooking lessons that will surely spark an idea for every connoisseur out there.

Feel free to browse through this website and feed your appetite for a great connoisseur experience.

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